3 Quick Tips on Hiring the Right Employees


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For startups and small or growing businesses, hiring your first (or 50th) employee is a significant milestone. And during a time when your business is solidifying its culture and brand, hiring the right people is also a key part of branding your business.

Small business owners often feel the pressure to hire the right employees. Small businesses cannot always afford the most competitive salaries or other perks of larger businesses. But, it’s financially risky to hire the wrong candidates, as the cost of losing employees is also expensive.

Here are three tips for small business owners on hiring the right employees – to help both your bottom line and your brand you’ve worked so hard to build.

#1) Evaluate the Position You’re Hiring For Now, and In the Future

Many small businesses and startups are in the phase of growth. The company grows and changes, and so do positions. Consider the candidate for the role you’re hiring for now, as well as roles in the future.

Will they grow with the company? What department can they help build or develop? Hire future managers now – those who are excited about rolling up their sleeves and doing the grind work now, knowing they are helping to build a successful business.

#2) Hire Attitude and Willingness Over Skills and Experience

This is related to #1. If you hire candidates for their attitude, as well as their willingness to learn and grow, you’ll have employees who also grow and mold with the company. Will they be motivated by growth and taking on new opportunities? Can they add to the business in a unique or needed way?

#3) Hire Fast, Fire Fast

Meaning, if you find a qualified candidate pull the trigger. Do your hiring due-diligence but don’t delay the hiring process or over analyze. If you follow the traditional mantra “hire slow, fire fast” you might be wasting valuable time with the position going unfilled, or lose the candidate to another company.

Similarly, small businesses and startups cannot afford to keep candidates who are not performing or under-performing. At small businesses every employee is important and every employee impacts your brand and your bottom line.



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