7 Creative Ways to Up Your Business’s Social Media Game

social media for business

What’s one creative way I can up my business’s social media game?

  1. Get your team involved – It can be burdensome to have one person handling all of your social media channels. Getting multiple team members involved not only spreads out the responsibility, but gives a different front-line perspective from more people in your company.
  2. Build relationships – 

    We are all about building meaningful relationships, and we love engaging with our followers on social media. We post photos that have nothing to do with our products but rather share information and convey feelings. This way we connect intellectually and emotionally.

  3. Switch up your formatting –

    Most social networks tend to have an established format that the majority of posts fall into. Twitter, for example, mostly features short quotations with a hashtag or two. There are immense gains to be found in shaking up that format. Experiment a bit—convert a snippet from a blog into an image, for example.

  4. Find creative ways to engage customers –

    It’s no fun to run a business that doesn’t engage customers. Find unique ways to keep customers interested, like trivia questions or giveaway prizes.

  5. Make videos that speak to your audience – 

    Don’t just try and sell on social. Share awesome content. Create videos and give valuable advice or ideas to your audience. I think a lot of people don’t do video because they think you have to use a studio or do something fancy. But this isn’t necessarily true. Record a video from your phone, share awesome content, and the sales will come.

  6. Be authentic –

    No brand is the same. The sooner you come to understand that, the sooner you can develop your own brand story. Tell it as if you’re speaking to your audience and customers face-to-face. Build your relationship this way and earn their recurring business. 

  7. Stay consistent – 

    Stay consistent across all channels and handles while letting consumers gain an insider look into the everyday life of your business. This way, you’re promoting without a direct, hard sell. 

    Have a great day!

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