Five Ways to Recruit On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networks. Many job applicants use it daily to search for employment. Most companies and businesses advertise job openings through sponsored ads and job posts. This method of recruiting is the most common… but is it the most effective?

LinkedIn has many features that can be maximized to yield the best results in your job search needs.

Here are five e-recruiting tips that can help you select the most collective group of candidates:

1. Company Profile Posts—LinkedIn has a feature similar to Facebook where you can post on your profile, to which people can comment and like. You can post the job opening on your profile and use it as a way to talk online with job candidates.

2. Keyword Searching—LinkedIn has recently improved its search feature. Now, you can type a keyword in the search bar and gain access to a wealth of information. By typing keywords such as “chiropractic,” “nurse practitioner,” “medical assistant,” or “front office administrator,” the LinkedIn search engine will compile a list of suggestions grouped by categories. The major categories are people, companies, groups, jobs, and universities. For example, with the People category, you can browse through profiles of prospective candidates who currently hold or have previously held positions similar to your job vacancies.

3. Follow Influencers—If you click on the Influencers link, you gain access to top people who are making an impact in their fields. LinkedIn allows you to follow them, which gives you an opportunity to get to know them. It also can help you build a list of contacts.

4. LinkedIn Groups—The Groups feature connects you to different professionals in the chiropractic field. By conducting a search as discussed above in tip #1, you can find three or four groups to join and begin networking with the members by participating in the different discussions. Once you have established a rapport, you can reach out to the group for recommendations. You can even post job openings as a discussion thread within the groups or send private messages to group members. You can also use the group feature to create your own group for your practice. When you check out the LinkedIn Groups, you may be interested in the Chiropractic and medical jobs group for ideas and networking opportunities for promoting your practice.

5. Question-Answer Section—You can post questions in this section for people inside and outside of your network to answer. It’s a great way to gauge the experience and background of candidates and select the ones to invite for an interview. You can also gain clients and build connections by displaying your expertise.

If you would like more information about using LinkedIn to recruit staff for your practice, please feel free to contact me.

Brian Torchin