Why Don’t I Get More Leads From My Website?

A common problem for many chiropractors is that their websites aren’t doing the jobs they should be. The job of your website is to ultimately bring more patients in the door of your practice. If that isn’t happening, you may need to reevaluate the quality of your site. And don’t think that just because it looks great or that you got it from some big company that it is set up properly.

This is one of the biggest marketing mistakes chiropractors make, and they don’t know they are making it. They hire a company to provide the website, the content, and the hosting, and they walk away feeling like they have that aspect of their marketing covered.

The problem is that some companies (not all of them) really don’t put up sites that help your practice. The sites are only set up to look good and make the chiropractor feel like they have a solid online presence.

If you’re not satisfied with the number of new patients you are getting from your website, this article will provide with you with a checklist of some of the elements a good website should have.

If you find that your website doesn’t have one or more of these elements, you may want to think about getting another website, or doing it yourself. And if you think you can’t set up a site yourself, check next week’s article, I will walk you through the simple steps to set up your own website so you have total control.

Here are 3 of the basic elements a good website must have:

  1. Your phone must be in the header on every single page. Many sites have their phone number buried on a “Contact Us” page. Or, they have it in the footer. Neither of those places are bad, but you still have to have your phone number prominently displayed at the top of each page.If visitors come to your site, like what they see, and want to make an appointment, do you really want to frustrate them by making them search for your phone number? Of course not. You want to make it easy and take out as many steps as possible so they pick up their phone and call for an appointment.And, make sure the phone number is above the fold (this is the point on a webpage where someone has to scroll down to see the rest of the page). Put the phone number high enough so they don’t even have to scroll down to find it!
  2. Include an opt-in form. This is a simple form where your visitors can add their email address and sign up to receive something from you. In most cases, it is a free report that covers some topic your visitor is interested in such as steps to avoid getting a headache, etc.
    Once they sign up, they have given you permission to email them. This is a great opportunity for you to build a relationship with them over time. You see, it’s internet marketing 101 — up to 98% of the people who come to your website won’t make an appointment with you and they won’t ever visit your site again.So, no matter how many visitors you get to your site, most of them will be a wasted opportunities. And since it takes around 7 individual contacts with any one person before they trust you enough to do business with you, you can really see how many potential patients will slip right through your fingers.But having an opt-in form will make it easy for you to send out monthly newsletters, weekly health updates, specials, etc. over time and nurture those visitors until they become patients.

    The whole process is easily automated and around $20 a month, or less. Some quality companies you can use for this are: Aweber, MailChimp or GetResponse. There are others but these are the ones I’m most familiar with and know they do a great job!

  3. You have to have a blog element on any site that you have. A blog is simply a standalone website or a separate section of your existing site where you can add interesting articles frequently.

This is often another problem with those “done for you” websites; they usually add the exact same content to every site they sell. That is not optimal for a few reasons:

For one thing, if you live in an area where there are a lot of other chiropractors, it is highly likely that at least a few have the same site with the same content! Not exactly the best way to make your practice stand out. Bear in mind, the search engines love fresh, original content and will reward a site with original content by ranking it better. With this duplicate content you won’t get any traction in Google.

Of course there are other elements that determine how well a site works, but these things are a few of the most important, and if you don’t have one or more of these elements it’s easy to change.

Make sure you check back next week to find out how you can easily set up your own website if you’re not satisfied with the one you have. It will probably cost you a lot less too!

I hope you found this information helpful. If you require any staff for your office, please feel free to call anytime. We place all office staff, DC, MD, PA, NP PT and PTAs.

Have a great day!

Brian Torchin