Brian Torchin shares How to Use a Blog to Grow Your Business

If you’re hesitating to start a blog to promote your practice, it’s time to stop procrastinating and start writing. A blog is a great way to communicate all the various services you provide for your patients. Just adding one article a week can help you accomplish many things such as educating your patients, building rapport with website visitors, gaining credibility in the search engines, etc.

Each one of these things will benefit your practice…

  1. By educating your patients, you are letting them know that you can help them with more than just a sore back. Your blog posts can cover many topics such as how to get relief from a headache, how to create an ergonomic work space, which exercises to do to stay healthy, etc. You get the point. All of these articles will help your patients live safer, healthier lives and at the same time inform them of all the services you can provide.
  2. By educating and communicating with your visitors on a regular basis, you are also building trust and rapport. People appreciate it when someone (you) provides them with information that is helpful to them. They particularly appreciate it when this helpful information is free. This is so much more effective than just placing an ad, because it distinguishes you from the crowd; you become a trusted resource rather than just another “salesperson” vying for their attention!By continually adding interesting and informative content to your blog, you are showing visitors that you care about them and their families, and that you are willing to help them even if you’re not being compensated for it. You are also showcasing your expertise and proving to your website visitors that you have the knowledge to help them and their family members with their various health issues.
  3. And last, but not least, you are showing the search engines that you are a legitimate business. By regularly providing quality content, you are giving the search engines what they want — plenty of new, quality content.In return, the search engines will rank your website higher on the results pages. Let’s face it, if your website is on page 3 of the search results, few people are going to see it. If no one sees it, your website isn’t doing much for your business. One of the simplest and most effective methods you can use to get your site a high ranking is to continually add new content.

So, I hope you can see all the benefits of having a blog for your practice. If you don’t currently have a blog, I hope you’ll start one right away; if you do have a blog but have been a little lax about adding new blog posts, I hope you’ll rectify that situation as soon as possible.

To make the process easier, you can easily make an editorial calendar highlighting the topics you want to write about and the dates you want to publish those articles on your blog.

Just one blog post a week will do wonders, why not get started today?

If you need help with BLOG ideas, feel free to call or email me at the number below. If you have any staffing needs or any ideas you would like to run by me, I am always available for you.

Have a great day!

Brian Torchin